The Fondation de Malte was originally formed in 1998 through the inspiration of Mrs.Mercedes Busuttil and registered in Malta by Public Deed. The Fondation de Malte is an international NGO, based in Malta, dedicated to cultural affairs, environmental concerns, education and human rights.  It acts through  the organisation of seminars, conferences, courses and book publications.

Its objectives, as outlined by its statute are:

  • To stimulate and manage international research, training and information programmes relating primarily to global and regional issues, sustainable development, human rights, tolerance and peacekeeping;

  • To administer national, regional and international projects having a bearing on the Fondation's aims;

  • To offer consultancy and related services in pursuit of the above objectives;

  • To provide multi-cultural and multi-lingual educational programmes, especially at a tertiary level with high academic standards and to co-operate with similar institutes in the promotion and running of such programmes and courses, including study and research bursaries;

  • To undertake such other activities especially the dissemination of information and publications as are likely to contribute to the Fondation's mission;

  • To embark on any project or programme which furthers these objectives including co-operation with entities, national or international embracing similar or related pursuits.

The Fondation is partnered with the following organisations: