XXth Congress Jesuits Ecumenists
13th – 19th July, 2009

Twenty-three Jesuits from many parts of the world, from Brazil to India, from Lebanon to Cameroon, from the United States to the European Union, have chosen Mount St Joseph Retreat House, Targa Gap, to hold their twentieth bi-annual Congress. One reason for choosing Malta as their venue is that 2009 happens to be the Pauline Year and, judging by Acts, chapters 27 & 28, the Malta experience must have left an indelible mark on St Paul. The Pauline theme of the potentially integrative value of adoption as God’s children is one of the topics. The year 2009 happens also to be the centenary of the death of former Jesuit and Malta visitor George Tyrrell. His concerns may nowadays be linked to the issue of Pentecostalism, which emerged roughly a hundred years ago and has been described as the fastest growing Christian denomination. To this topic several other studies are being dedicated. The overriding practical scope of the XXth Jesuit Ecumenists Congress is to give a new impulse to ecumenism in the Jesuit Order. In Malta the Congress is being co-ordinated by the Fondation de Malte.