What are Human Rights?
Human rights are understood to be the basic rights that an individual or group has as a consequence of being a human and must be permitted to exercise. However, basic questions on human rights are still debated, such as whether they can be revoked, and, if so, when and on what grounds. Human rights are now regulated by six international UN treaties, which Malta has ratified.

Why do we need Human Rights?
Thanks to legislation on human rights, sets of rules, which can have a moral, religious or social origin, ensure individual and collective well-being.

Areas of Human Rights

Civil & Political Rights
Examples include the right to life; the right to a fair trial; prohibition of slavery or servitude.

Racial Discrimination
Such as equality before the law; civil rights; economic, social and cultural rights

Torture & Degrading Treatment
Criminalisation of acts of torture; prevention of cruel, inhuman or degrading acts

Sexual Discrimination
In particular discrimination against women

Respecting Human Rights
Human rights are generally divided between rights of an individual and rights of a group. The two can overlap.

My individual rights:
My right to life
My right not to be tortured or treated degradingly
My right not to be held as a slave or a serf.
My right to my security and the prohibition of arbitrary arrest
My right to freedom of movement
My right to a fair trial
My right to the protection of my privacy and reputation
My right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, opinion and expression
My right to have a family
My right to participate in public life

Group rights include the above, and also:
The right to self-determination
The right to peaceful assembly
The right to freedom of association

When are my basic Human Rights violated?
When any of the above is breached my human rights are not being respected. If your case falls under a violation of human rights, speak out to others, to a human rights lawyer, to us. Finally, respecting each others' human rights is the road to a truly peaceful and prosperous civic society.